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Dylan Alcock Photography



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Perth Lightroom Preset

Perth has a variety of incredible attractions, from a bustling city to the world class beaches along the coastline. The Perth Preset was created to be as versatile as possible, giving you a similar result on all your images.

The look has been created after editing a range of coastline and city images, giving you a neutral look that allows you to create a common style across all your images. The preset can be used on any image taken at any time of the day, from sunset aerials to mid day cityscapes, the versatility of this preset is endless. 



- Are they compatible with my camera ? 
Yes, the Perth Lightroom Preset has been specifically created to be as versatile as possible, and has been tested on DJI drone images, Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm images. 

- How do I get the most out of them ? 
To get the most out of the preset, shoot your images in RAW and edit them using Lightroom. 

-Does it work with just one click? 
No. However, they will get you very close with one click, but you may have to adjust exposure and white balance of your image to get it to where you like it. 


Perth Lightroom Preset

An Instant download of 1 Preset designed to get the most out our your images. Compatible with all Lightroom CC products including iPhone/Androids with the free Lightroom Mobile app. 


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